Farmers Market Locations

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Kent County

Fifer’s Farm & County Store
1919 Allabands Mill Road, Wyoming, DE
Fifer’s Farm & County Store Link

Modern Maturity Center Farmers Market
1121 Forrest Avenue, Dover, DE

Tidal Farmers Market
1313 Frederica Road, Frederica, DE
Tidal Farmers' Market Link

Kalmar Farm
4351 Canterbury Road, Harrington, DE

New Castle County

Bellevue Farmers Market
510 Duncan Road, Wilmington, DE
Bellevue Farmers' Market Link

Brandywine Village Farmers Market
19th & Market Streets, Wilmington, DE
Brandywine Village Farmers Market Link

Carousel Park Farmers Market
3700 Limestone Road, Wilmington, DE
Carousel Park Farmers Market Link

Co-Op Farmers Market
230 E. Main Street, Newark, DE
Co-Op Farmers Market Link

Food Bank of Delaware Farm Stand
222 Lake Drive, Newark, DE
Food Bank of Delaware Farm Stand Link

Glasgow Park Farmers Market
2275 Pulaski Highway, Newark, DE
Glasgow Park Farmers' Market Link

The Market at Coverdale
543 Way Road, Greenville, DE
The Market at Coverdale Link

West Side Grows Farmers Market
West 10th and North Van Buren Streets, Wilmington, DE
West Side Grows Farmers’ Market Link

William Penn HS Farmers Market
791 Frenchtown Road, New Castle, DE
William Penn HS Farmers' Market Link

Sussex County

Adkins Produce
32008 Long Neck Road, Millsboro, DE
Adkins Produce Link

Evans Farm Produce
9843 Seashore Highway, Bridgeville, DE
Evans Farm Produce Link

Historic Farmers Market at Crooked Hammock
37707 Crooked Hammock Way, Lewes, DE
Historic Farmers’ Market at Crooked Hammock Link

Historic Lewes Farmers Market -Spring/Summer
DuPont & Johnson Avenues (rain location – Shields Elementary School, Savannah Road & Sussex Drive), Lewes, DE
Historic Lewes Farmers’ Market -Spring/Summer Link

Historic Lewes Farmers Market – Fall
800 Savanah Road, Lewes, DE
Historic Lewes Farmers’ Market – Fall Link

Little Wagon Produce
2667 Seashore Highway, Greenwood, DE

Magee Farms – Lewes
33761 Westcoats Road, Lewes, DE
Magee Farms - Lewes Link

Magee Farms – Selbyville
34857 Lighthouse Road, Selbyville, DE
Magee Farms - Selbyville Link

Parsons Farm Produce
30381 Armory Road, Dagsboro, DE
Parsons Farm Produce Link

Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market
Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Rehoboth Beach Farmers’ Market Link

Riverwalk Farmers Market
South Walnut Street, Milford, DE
Riverwalk Farmers’ Market Link

TS Smith and Sons
8877 Redden Road, Bridgeville, DE
TS Smith and Sons Link

Nassau Valley Vineyards Farmers Market
32165 Winery Way, Lewes, DE

Sea Colony Farmers Market
33546 Market Place, Bethany Beach, DE
33546 Market Place

Marvelous Produce
22880 Sussex Hwy, Seaford, DE
22880 Sussex Hwy

The Homestead Market
24171 Chapel Branch Road, Seaford, DE
24171 Chapel Branch Road

Twisted Steel Cattle Company
10967 Beach Hwy, Greenwood, DE
10967 Beach Hwy


Locally grown produce only

Fruits (raw or fresh only):

Herbs (fresh cut only):

Vegetables (raw or fresh only):

Fruits and vegetables harvest calendar



July - November



April - June



June - August



June - November



June - September



June - October


Green Beans

June - October



June - September



July - October



June - August



August - November



July - September



May - June

Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn

June - October



June - October


July - October


Feeding a 6-7 Month Old

Feed solids with a spoon and from a bowl, never from a bottle.

Feeding a 10-12 Month Old

Breast milk is the most important source of nutrition for your baby, even after you start offering solid foods.

Feeding a 8-9 Month Old

Feed solids with a spoon. Never put cereal in a bottle.


Breast milk and formula feeding:

Around 2-3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months of age, babies may experience a growth spurt when they feed more often.

As they grow babies can hold more milk, so feedings may become further apart and take less time.

To prevent choking, always hold your baby when feeding. Never prop up a bottle to feed.

Start offering whole milk when your baby is one year old.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and that breastfeeding continue for at least 12 months and beyond.


Feeding solid foods:

Wait to offer solid foods until your baby:

To prevent choking, always hold your baby when feeding. Never prop up a bottle to feed.

Try one new food at a time. Wait 5 days before trying another new food to watch for allergies. Food allergies may include wheezing, rash, or diarrhea.

Introduce peanut butter around 6 months. Spread a small, thin smear of peanut butter or nut butter thinly on a cracker.  Watch your baby for any reaction for the next 2 hours.

Babies under one year should NOT have honey or foods that can cause choking like nuts or whole grapes.

All babies are different. Talk with WIC or your baby’s healthcare provider about your baby’s needs.

Feeding Cues

Feeding a 4-5 Month Old

Before teeth come in, wipe gums with a soft, clean wash cloth after each feeding, especially before bed.

Feeding a 0-3 Month Old

Newborns have tiny tummies and need to be fed often. In the first few weeks, you may need to wake your baby to feed if they sleep longer than 4 hours.

Growth Spurts

Many babies are fussy during a growth spurt and will want to nurse longer and more often. This is called cluster feeding. This is your baby’s way of helping you increase your milk supply so that you can keep up with their needs. Remember, the more your baby nurses, the more milk your body makes.

Growth spurts can happen at any time, and every baby is different.

They often happen at these ages:

2 to 3 Weeks

6 Weeks

3 Months

6 Months

What foods can I get?